Jungkook Naver

The Brand Reputation Guide for
BTS Jungkook ( Jeon Jungkook )


We are Jungkook Naver,
Futher is Explained what a Brand Reputation is.

1. Participation Index: Numerical Figure measuring the amount of PC or mobile searches.

2. Media index: Numerical Figure measuring the amount of
News Articles and Comments mentioning Jungkook.

4. Communication index : Numerical figure measuring the
amount of Posts and Comments on Blogs for example, on Naver.

5.Community index: Numerical figure measuring the number
of times Jungkook is mentioned on Social Media.

Please Read:

We want to explain here and make you aware of how important it is to engage with Naver Articles
Naver has a big impact on social media in SK.
its Important for Artists In Sk, its the Platform for Visibility, and be In the Rankings Of Naver, When any Article Ranks, the Article is Visible on Naver.
Positive Articles need to hype up for Jungkook Reputation.
That's why the engagement is important to Naver Articles.Please help us to support Jungkook.
You all need a Naver Account to engage with Naver Articles

Further is explained how to Engage with Naver Articles and how to create a Naver, Nate and Daum Account.

Download Naver App from Links Down below.

Naver Articles and Daily Ranking1. We will focus on ranking the Naver Articles daily during 3PM and 9PM KST.
During this time K-Media is Active, and they mostly post new Articles between these hours.
2. We, Jungkook Naver will be Posting new Articles daily here on
@ JJungkook _ Naver and Backup
@ Jungkook _ Naver2 Please make sure to follow and turn on the Notifications to be notified when we post new Articles and Updates.
3. For 3PM ranking: Articles will be posted mostly between 11:30 Pm KST - 12 Pm KST on @JJungkook _ Naver. and Backup
@ Jungkook _ Naver2
For 9 pm ranking: Articles will be posted between 5.30 Pm to 6 Pm KST on @JJungkook_Naver.! 12PM KST to engage with 3PM Articles.
! 6PM KST to engage with 9PM Articles.

How to search and Engage with Articles on Naver

Understanding Media IndexIt effects monthly and Daily popularity and Value of
Jungkook. If Jungkooks Articles are Liked, and his name is searched on SNS, Reporters would Write more Articles about him, because of the increasing Value and popularity.
Its important to Engage and Like different Articles of K-Media also for non-naver articles ,the views are very important. So make sure to view the articles once and share them to SNS and always ad Hashtags and write Jungkook’s name in Korean 방탄소년단 .
방탄소년단 정국 #방탄소년단정국 #전정국 #정국 #Jungkook #BTSJUNGKOOK

Please Search always with these Links

How to Create Daum and Nate Accounts

Daum Account

Thank you everyone for taking the time and reading the Card for Jungkook. I have tried my best to explain how to engage with Naver and how to make a Account, If you still need help or don't understand something , free feel to Dm me with Questions.
Please Follow @JJungkook _ Naver and the backup @Jungkook _ Naver2
Lets hype our Favorite Artist Jeon Jungkook.

Please Do NOT Copy / Screenshot anything part of this Carrd.@JJungkook_Naver 2023